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About Henshaw/Vierra Management Counsel, LLC

Henshaw/Vierra Management Counsel, LLC is a management consulting firm, founded in 1997, to work with the owners and managers of private family owned businesses.

Our experience comes from having been an owner, CEO and Chairman of a payroll company; consultant to payroll service bureau software companies; executives at several banks; and having served and continuing to serve on several company boards of director. 

Our focus is on providing payroll and workforce management companies with current advice and assistance with strategic planning and corporate development, organization—leadership and performance, operations—productivity and cost controls, and finance—risk management and audit.

Our clients have trusted us with helping them think through and solve problems. How can I build value in my company by improving my profit margins, having my company run more safely, keeping up with changes in technology, identifying and managing critical business risks, or preparing for what is next – more growth or time to sell?

We do not just propose hypothetical answers. We work closely with our clients implement change and monitor results.