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Guy R. Henshaw, Managing Director

Guy works directly with client company owners and key managers. Guy’s career accomplishments include significant experience in the payroll/workforce management industry and in commercial banking. He was the Chairman and CEO of Payday, the Payroll Company in San Francisco.

He was a founding shareholder in a leading provider of payroll service software. He and Les Vierra founded Henshaw/Vierra Management Counsel, LLC to provide advisory services to the payroll/workforce management industry and have clients throughout the United States. Henshaw/Vierra has spent over 15 years advising over 50 payroll companies across the country.

Guy’s commercial banking career included working in managing bond portfolios, corporate treasury operations, mortgage banking divisions, mergers and acquisitions teams, and private banking groups in San Francisco and London. He worked for independent banks as well as the largest bank in the world. He was a founder of a business bank in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Guy has served on the boards of companies in banking, insurance, analytics, payroll, software, and bio-tech. He has been the founder of five companies. In addition, Guy has served to the boards of not-for-profit companies and foundations in education and healthcare.

As a board member of both publically traded and private companies, Guy has served as Board Chairman, CEO, CFO, Chair of several Audit Committees, Chair of several Investment-Endowment-Retirement Committees, and member of several Governance Committees.

Guy R. Henshaw

Guy R. Henshaw

Guy R. Henshaw | Top Management Consulting Services