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Management Consulting Firm | San FranciscoThe Company was founded in 1997 to provide experienced professional consulting services to privately held, family companies. We believe that family companies, many times, do not have a Board where key questions can be evaluated, or where the owner manager can discuss difficult issues. We founded the Company to be the advisor to privately held companies with a Board of One.

We are experienced payroll and banking professionals who have owned and operated a payroll service bureau, and have a history of board experience in payroll, banking, financial, and other companies. We provide our clients with help to think through key strategic questions…whether building a company to last or for sale, hiring and firing family members, or changing historical practices to best practices and helping companies finding the way to compete in tomorrow’s market place.



Interest Rates Are Rising, Time to Think about "Float" Again
The Crash of 2007 to 2010 took even the greatest of the money market funds down. It taught us that due diligence and liquidity matter.

Those who survived were by in large chastened by a near death experience. They now long for the 5 to 10% of total revenues that “float” and higher interest rates brought them. Rates are rising slowly. It’s time to start watching the signs and learning about where to invest funds. You will find that the environment has changed.

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Regulation on the Horizon, Cybersecurity a Threat Now
The three financial service segments listed above have many good and bad things in common. At their most basic level they all deal with third party flows of funds, and with important corporate and personal data through activities and systems which, if done well, bring great value to customers and providers alike. If done poorly, recklessly, and/or through fraud can destroy people, companies, and financial systems.

Banks have been regulated by societies for three thousand years; sometimes well and to the benefit of their citizens. Sometimes poorly to their citizen’s dismay and ruin.

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