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Management Consulting Firm | San FranciscoThe Company was founded in 1997 to provide experienced professional consulting services to privately held, family companies. We believe that family companies, many times, do not have a Board where key questions can be evaluated, or where the owner manager can discuss difficult issues. We founded the Company to be the advisor to privately held companies with a Board of One.

We are experienced payroll and banking professionals who have owned and operated a payroll service bureau, and have a history of board experience in payroll, banking, financial, and other companies. We provide our clients with help to think through key strategic questions…whether building a company to last or for sale, hiring and firing family members, or changing historical practices to best practices and helping companies finding the way to compete in tomorrow’s market place.



READY, AIM, FIRE – Advising the Board of One

READY, AIM, FIRE – Advising the Board of One
When will the company and the owner be “READY”?
Lots of transactions going on: age of bureau owners, cost of next gen software, multiple service offerings requiring different expertise in addition to current structure , cyber security of data and flows of funds transfers, regulation, and industry consolidation.

Owners get at least 5 calls a year from the big guys, and from guys who talk big. It’s flattering, but…

Is the owner ready to take the call: it’s an emotional experience; it isn’t the “number” that makes it right. It’s about being ready when the right call comes. Being ready is about knowing they have created a strong company, and knowing that they are ready to take the next step into their own future.

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