Our Process

We build long-term client relationships by listening, by helping to solve client problems and building value, and by building trust with Owners, Managers, Staff and Families.

We listen to our clients when they discuss their needs, fears, and aspirations. We are not selling books, or impersonal “canned” business solutions.  We work with our clients to solve their unique business concerns.

Define the Problem
We work with Owners and Managers to stay focused on the objective, to seek a solution, design and implementation strategy, and monitor the results.

Design the Solution
We work with the Owner to define the resources and the best practices required to address the problem as effectively as possible.  We work with Management and staff to be involved with the solution and have them take ownership of the outcomes.

Monitor the Results
Activities which are monitored get done. In a binary world, an assignment is either done or it is not done. We help the Owner and Management monitor their progress and outcomes, help them think through adjustments if needed, monitor third party vendors, and get the project “done”.