Our Services

Our industry focus is in the financial services sector with an emphasis on payroll and workforce management companies. Our domain expertise is in advising private family businesses in that industry. We have assisted owners and managers evaluate their company, re-imagine their future to prepare for what is next, optimize their organization, review and assist in changing key technology, planning better ways to monitor outcomes and analyzing results.

Private family businesses are complex. The owners often need to make important decisions on their own, with no one to share their hopes, fears, and, questions. We bring experience, an informed industry perceptive, and an independent point of view to help them. We ask the questions that need to be asked. We help define the issues and develop focused solutions.

  • Strategy – Re-imaging the company
    • Growth, Turn-Around, Competition, Macro View of the Business Environment
  • Finance and Analysis
    • Budgets and Capital Plans, Banking and Flow of Funds, Analysis, Audits
  • Information Management
    • Requirements, Platforms, Data Management, Security
  • Business Process Development and Risk Management
    • Requirements, Regulations and Compliance, Process Development, Documentation
  • Review of Strategic Alternatives
    • Estimate of Company Situation and Owner Requirements, Review alternatives, Plan for Change

We build long-term client relationships by listening, by helping to solve client problems, and by building trust with Owners, Managers, and Families. We help owners define their vision. We use that vision to build a workable set of business plans: Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing, and Capital Plans. We then help the owners monitor their progress.